Sales Hot-line:
Quality and R & D
         Enterprise research and technological innovation is the core force of enterprise innovation driven development. There are more than 20 professional and technical personnel. They carry out research on relevant topics from the aspects of new product development, raw material development, production process optimization, product improvement, downstream application research and development, user service, etc., and establish a technical link with the market, Continuously research and develop new products with market prospects and competitiveness.
High quality product quality
The source of goods is stable, high quality and sufficient content. All products have quality assurance. The product quality fully meets the customer's standards and is sold at home and abroad through the strict detection of the third-party testing department.
The company is owned by state-owned enterprises and has sufficient and guaranteed raw materials, so it can meet the needs of customers.
Satisfactory product price
In case of after-sales problems, the company's service team will solve them at the first time, provide perfect technical support to customers, take the interests of customers as our interests, and fully understand and meet the needs of customers as the primary.
Professional after-sales service

——   Our Advantage  ——
      SHANDONG  QITAI  CHEMICAL  CO.,  LTD. is located in the chemical industry park of Yutai County, Shandong Province, specializing in the production and sales of chlorinated polyethylene and polyaluminium chloride. The company's products are widely used in PVC products such as PVC profiles, PVC pipes, sheets, floors and cables. The company has its own professional inspection center and R & D center, which can develop different products according to customer requirements. The company is based on good faith and serving customers as the company's purpose. It pays attention to credit, abides by contracts and ensures product quality, which has been approved by all customers.
Chlorinated Polyethylene
Sales Hot-line:
phone number:13805360083 Sales Hot-line::0537-6081888
address:Zhanghuang Industrial Park, Yutai County, Shandong, China

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